Flame Resistant Clothing

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The men and women of our military and first responders are asked to face all of the extremes life has to offer. We believe their clothing should be of the highest quality and  craftsmanship, made right here in the USA. We are proud to offer United Join Forces.

Why are inherent FR garments expensive compared to treated fabrics?

The raw material costs for inherent flame resistant fabrics are higher than for typical cotton work wear topically treated for flame resistance. In addition, all FR clothing must be tested and certified to ensure protection and performance, which also adds to the price of the final garment. This can be offset, however, when you consider the potential longer life of the garment and its FR protection.

DOD standards require that all military apparel be 100 percent made in the USA (Berry Amendment compliant), whereas the OSHA and NFPA standards do not impose a rule on where flame-resistant clothing is manufactured.